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AI, LLMs, and What Is Worth My Attention

"True counterculture is always offline." —Daftsocial

Is AI a bubble? It certainly feels like the bubbles of yore, all of which had in common a viable technology that took center stage (e-commerce, peer-to-peer, Web 2.0, social media, crypto), a number of companies trying to conjure a market into existence, and scores of investors seeking to catch the next wave.

Most of these bubbles didn't really pop so much as slowly deflate without causing a industry crash on the scale of the dotcom bust of 2001. Of these, I feel like we collectively dodged an asteroid in crypto, which gave us the courtesy of losing steam before it could be jammed into every facet of daily life. That could have been bad!

Which is exactly what AI feels like now. It's got those vibes.

But I also feel like there's something there there. I'm interested in the technology, even if don't feel the need to delve into gritty details yet[1]. I tend to "lazy-load my learning" and that's worked for me over a 25-year career[2] It's always useful to be able to have a conversation about something that's transforming your industry! Or destroying it, maybe!

What do I think, anyway? Probably nothing that others haven't already said, but it's nice to write it down:

Finally, I wonder how these models will stay relevant? So much cool stuff happens completely offline. I wonder if LLMs will always be a few years behind certain trends because they'll have to wait for someone to write about them.

  1. Here's a decent "jargon-free" explainer for LLMs. There are many others. ↩︎

  2. I mean, I'm a front-end person. Also, I'm kind of bad at math? ↩︎